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Welcome to Golden Secondary School and to Golden Alternate School!  We believe in an inclusive model of education that is student centered. In our practice, we strive to meet the unique needs of all students by understanding who they are and what they need. I am proud of our ongoing commitment to serve our students and their needs. 

We believe that students are motivated when they take control of their own learning through the incorporation of authentic tasks. When students are engaged in relevant curriculum it allows them to make connections with the content being conveyed and their life. The more students are interested in what is being taught, the more engaged they will be in their learning.

We believe that all students have the potential to achieve high academic standards. We as a staff strive to convey to students our belief in their ability to succeed. There is an inherent need for there to be a strong relationship between students, their families and teacher. We hope that through our belief in the student's ability to succeed, the student will internalize that belief and learn to have confidence in themselves.

We believe in creating a safe and caring environment that allows for a maximum teaching and learning experience. Having a positive school and classroom culture is the foundation of all learning. It is through developing a respectful environment where students feel comfortable expressing their ideas that the most advantageous learning will take place. Building strong relationships with students and their families is at the basis to creating such a conducive learning environment.

We believe that learning should be an enjoyable, rewarding and a meaningful lifelong experience. It must be realized that students learn in a variety of ways, which creates variances in their abilities to perform certain tasks. Understanding that each student has unique strengths and weaknesses related to the ways in which they approach learning is an important component of effective education.

Education is the critical foundation upon which students begin their journey to reaching their greatest potential in life. We have the responsibility of creating an environment that supports, encourages and promotes that exact potential. We hope to promote within students a love of learning so that they can find their optimal place in the global community.  

As we embark on this journey, we look forward to supporting all students on their path to success. 

Kelsey Doolaar, Principal GSS


Kelsey Doolaar
Principal, GSS

District Notice

24-25 Operational Plan Feedback

Each year, as part of a continuous improvement cycle, Rocky Mountain School District develops an operational plan that outlines the goals and strategies that will be the focus of the work for the upcoming year. This plan is guided by the current 4-year strategic plan using a variety of student data as the foundation for decision making, schools develop school success plans that identifies targets for improving student learning.

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